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Did you know that taking a lunch break can boost your productivity and create stronger relationships among coworkers? 

It's important that you, and your employees, eat a healthy lunch every single day. And a great way to make sure everyone on your team is properly fed is to have an office luncheon. 

If you're looking to host an office lunch for your staff, but aren't sure which catering option to choose, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll discuss 5 lunch catering ideas that are sure to be a hit at any office luncheon.

Now then, let's get started!

1. Sliders

If you're looking for the perfect meal for any business luncheon, you can't go wrong with sliders.

Sliders are an American classic and come in a variety of flavors (beef, chicken, pork, even meatless for any vegetarians out there), so you can satisfy everyone's tastes, even the pickiest of eaters.

And because sliders are mini sandwiches, this option allows employees to get a few different kinds in one meal to mix things up, which is a nice bonus.

2. Sandwiches and Wraps

Much like sliders, sandwiches and wraps are an easy choice that is sure to make everyone at the office happy.

If you're looking for healthy options, wraps are the way to go, as they come in numerous varieties that check that box, including no carb. Also, both sandwiches and wraps are easy to eat, which is important to keep in mind if your employees wear business attire, as it's not always the easiest to clean.

3. Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger, right?

The ability to customize each burger to their liking is sure to make everyone in the office happy. There are also veggie burger options, for employees who would prefer that kind of thing, so everyone can enjoy the meal.

4. Tacos

Skipping meals, especially lunch, can lead to some health issues down the line. But no one at the office is going to skip taco day, which is why it's such a great option to choose for any office luncheon. 

Tacos are a fun way to spice up the day, especially if you provide a build-your-own taco bar. Just like the other options on this list, you can offer both a healthy and not-as-healthy option, so everyone can partake. 

5. Sushi

If burgers and sandwiches aren't really your work place's style, and you're looking to have some fun with lunch, sushi is your answer.

This is perhaps the healthiest option on the list, depending on the type of sushi you purchase, but with all of the varieties of sushi, everyone is sure to find something to fit their dietary needs. Plus, sushi is a bit more uncommon than sandwiches, meaning your employees will no doubt have the opportunity to try a few new things.

Use These Lunch Catering Ideas to Make the Perfect Get-Together for Your Office!

These are just 5 office lunch catering ideas that are sure to make your employees day that much better.

Remember, no matter if it's burgers or sushi, don't forget to provide a healthy option, so everyone on your team can enjoy the meal. 

Located in Houston? Looking for someone to cater your next office luncheon? Contact us today, we'll be glad to help you give your team a delicious meal!

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